Inclusive Innovation


Solutions People Want

The People’s Prize Seeks a World Where All People Participate in Progress to Solve Social & Environmental Challenges Locally & Globally.

A People’s Prize is an Innovation Prize Competition determined by the people.

The People’s Prize Marketplaces Matches Funders, Social Innovators, Cultural Leaders/Artists and People based on SDG Targets & Geo-Location.

By aligning partners around the 17 Goals and 169 Targets of the SDG Framework, TPP’s prize process allows partners from diverse disciplines to align incentives and multiply the impact of each dollar or in-kind contribution for Prizes in two ways: 

  1. Crowdsource solutions and generate inclusive market feedback and participation.

  2. Crowdfunding through online donations and in-real-life marketing activations to encourage community-driven innovation. 

Catalytic Capital

TPP’s mission is to help bridge the early stage financing gap for science and engineering innovations & incentivize the commercialization of social & environmental solutions that People want. 

Each Prize opens applications for market-driven and scalable solutions that have at least one year track record and a clear plan for the next year. Only 5 applicants will be selected and for those 5 will be provided support to create materials for pitches. Those materials will be open for a public vote to select a winner.

A Participatory Process:

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